Gentle Predator

Gentle Predator

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-- part one-- 

The Warrior's Daughter and The Alpha's son; 

When Illyria is orphaned at the tender age of four she finds herself in an unlikely friendship with a boy seven years her senior. Tristyn is the next Alpha and Illyria his fierce little friend. What happens when it comes time for the two best friends to find their mates, when secrets are revealed and a war is started? 

They always said their friendship was like steel, strong and unbreakable; but even the strongest of steel will bend when it meets fire. 


( Previously known as My Best Friend is My Mate & This Love )

Ninateeter Ninateeter May 31, 2016
I thought your book was amazing. I couldn't stop reading! It was amazing, don't let some people who are just haters make you feel bad. You are an amazing author
GreenPickles GreenPickles Oct 11, 2016
Glad you changed the title because it completely ruined the story and just gave everything away. Writers don't know how to be subtle anymore
ElizabethWhite303 ElizabethWhite303 Jun 12, 2016
Its sad that you felt the need to re write the book becaus of harsh comments. I quite enjoyed your book and it has inspired me to do my own "werewolf" story type. I honestly think you're a great writer please don't feel bad if someone else comments something bad about it.
yea___no yea___no Oct 24, 2016
Hotsauce333 Hotsauce333 May 29, 2016
I don't understand what the problem was. People were complaining about the book, but I loved it! It was refreshing and different. Kudos to the author!
alxndrite alxndrite May 31, 2016
I actually really liked the plot of this story. It was a different sort, but I'm excited for you on this rewrite. Great job!