Prince of Chaos (HIATUS)

Prince of Chaos (HIATUS)

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Perseus Jackson, the Saviour of Olympus is betrayed by the ones he loved. Now marked as a traitor to the gods, he is cast out of Earth itself and his home. However, hope is not lost as Chaos offers a new life and identity as Dunamis, the Prince of Chaos.

Somewhere deep in the universe.
A new age where Destruction thrives and man falls becomes a step closer to reality... An ancient bloodline is finally revealed.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson

And also, the beginning might be bad but if you read on it might get better :-)

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hum4n-b3ing hum4n-b3ing Oct 04
i'm still waiting For a fanfiction where Percy and the minotaur REALLY become friends (i mean they do miss each other in ALL the ff #prayforBeefHeadAndPercyBromance) XD
Kim3227 Kim3227 Apr 09
Percy killed the Minotaur when he was 12 and he saved the freaking world two times and now the campers believe a person they don't even know killed the Minotaur?
While that's a new way of disowning Percy haven't seen this one before
*raised eyebrow* Disgust, huh? I'll tell him what's disgusting. A boy lying about about the fact that he just killed a monster, and you believing it
Kylie1405 Kylie1405 Jul 17
This isn't as bad a you said it was. It was really good probably better than I can do
Omg I sat there staring at the screen waiting for mention of a real girl to pop up and then I realised it was the boy 😂