The One I Never Knew | an Ethan Dolan fanfic

The One I Never Knew | an Ethan Dolan fanfic

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dolan twins though By adorkabledolans Updated May 05, 2015

Laura Moore was a regular girl who was born and raised in California. One day her parents decided to move to Spain for 3 years because her mom's business was starting something new there. Now, at 15, her family wants to move back to the US and they move to New Jersey.

Ethan and Grayson lived in New Jersey for most of their life until they were 10 when their family moved to Seattle, Washington. They left all of their friends and absolutely hated it in Washington. A few months after Laura's family moves to New Jersey, The twins' parents surprise them and tell them that they're moving back to New Jersey. 

Now what? Well everyone knows who Laura is because she's been there for a while, and everyone knows who Ethan and Grayson are, but what happens when Laura meets the twins for the first time?

See for yourself...AKA READ MY STORY

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shanayatpower shanayatpower Jun 17, 2017
Maybe Shawn and Lisa divorced, andd... she is together with Shawn? I hope not but I am keeping my options open
cottondream cottondream Sep 10, 2016
Maybe bc she found a guy there or maybe she got a better job idk
Gemma_Dolan Gemma_Dolan Feb 07, 2017
Reading this while listening to the Ed Sheeran Nova's Red Room (u probs dont know who he is or what that is!)😂💚💚