Being the Billionaire's Husband (Boyxboy)

Being the Billionaire's Husband (Boyxboy)

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Sullivan By Duranb0lt Completed

(Cover by PrinceKenzie)

After the death of Peter McKinley, the fate of the McKinley Inns was in the hands of Peter's firstborn son, Alexander. But when Alexander found out about the company's seemingly unending debts, he was looking for ways to pay the debts and keep the company.

Scrambling to save his family's company, Alexander McKinley was shocked when the young billionaire hotel magnate George Garrison approached him with a deal. It was to buy his company,call off his company's creditors and let him lead it in exchange for his sister's hand in marriage. Being quite shocked of the deal, Alex then worried about his sister having a long-time boyfriend and tried to find another way to fight bankruptcy.

Following his Grandfather's request about being married. The billionaire George Garrison was trying to find a perfect wife...or groom. He was gay, and that was the problem. Upon seeing the opportunity on the youngest daughter of Peter McKinley, he thought that he could finally be at peace and get married even though it was against his own will. But then everything changed when the oldest son of Peter McKinley barges into his office and leads him to discover a better deal.

i am reading it now for the 2nd time. :)
                              i wasn't going to put a comment at first but then i wanna let you know that there are other people who love your works. So, keep up the good works. Cheers~~~
Well it's a good thing you decided to stay on here, gives others something to read! :) People that don't like it can just move on to the next thing!
be constructive with others' criticisms. but always remember that at the end of the day, what counts the most is your own self worth and how you value it. congratulations.
Duranb0lt Duranb0lt Jun 14
To each every one who commented, thank you and I love you so much! Tears are flowing right now lol. <3
pic_yazar pic_yazar Aug 21
Someone recommended this book to me and they thought its one of the best that means some people think its really good even they dont say that
I think  it would have been a shame for you to stop being on wattpad you are such a good writer thank you for writing an amazing book.