The Principled Legal Standard for the First Genuine Doctrinal Reformation of the Church

The Principled Legal Standard for the First Genuine Doctrinal Reformation of the Church

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The Principled Legal Standard By theonomos Completed

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The Principled Legal Standard exposes all lies and false doctrines about God, including the false doctrine of penal substitution and gives the only lawful alternative.

Know the TRUTH and NEVER be deceived again.

Every Christian would agree that God is righteous and that His law is perfect. But would their doctrines hold up under cross examination? There is only one righteousness, one justice and one principled legal standard. And the truth will never portray God as violating this absolute standard of justice. Yet deceived Christians are unaware that they are actually mimicking Satan’s rebellion by arguing Satan’s case against God.

The original doctrines lost for nearly 1700 years have finally been reconstructed.

This book deals with serious problems in long held Christian doctrines. Everything is put under the legal lens, from the angelic rebellion and Adam’s trespass, to the incarnation and the “mystery” of the cross.

Get ready for the shock of your life as the case for the truth is irrefutably made!

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SFWhite SFWhite Nov 05, 2015
God didn't test Job, quite the contrary, He knew who Job was, that he would always stay faithful to God no matter what, and allowed the Adversary to find out. Job was perhaps the mightiest warrior for God in the Bible, and he never left his tent.