Puella Magi Madoka Magica : Rebirth

Puella Magi Madoka Magica : Rebirth

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Saithe (Inactive) By SaitheVivana Updated Jul 16, 2017

After dethroning Madoka Kaname, the Goddess of Hope and bringer of the Law of Cycles, Homura Akemi becomes the Demon, an embodiment of Love and Despair. However, in the new world that Homura had created, Madoka shows signs of remembering her godly purpose in life - that she was once part of something much bigger.
Desperate to keep Madoka as she is, Homura devises a sinister plot to divert her attention which involves all the Puella Magi of Mitakihara and Kazamino City, the Incubators, and also that of the Witches, which were thought to have been eradicated. But it seems Homura may have bitten off more than she could chew... With all the Puella Magi against her, how will it turn out in the end?
A war is about to begin...

Note : I do not own Puella Magi Madoka Magica nor any of its characters except the ones I created myself. Also, you would have to watch the first, second and third movie to understand what's happening here. Also, be prepared for characters dying off.

Credits to @KYLERIISMS for designing the cover ^^

[Project begun in June 2015]

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Galaxy-Claws Galaxy-Claws Jul 10, 2016
This was the best start to a fanfic I have ever read! I'm really excited to read more! ^D^
Eh, could have been worse..... They could have been eaten by the witch herself.....
StarryStarrynight315 StarryStarrynight315 Oct 08, 2015
I've been trying to find this movie for a while, can somebody send me a link please?
shadowstarblitz shadowstarblitz Aug 16, 2015
Suspenseful and extremely well written. I absolutely adore this!
- - Jun 07, 2015
A nice descriptive chapter! Really got me caught up in reading towards the end! XD