Fixing The Broken One | BroCon

Fixing The Broken One | BroCon

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seira By seiraphic Updated May 09

Rin, who was more than content with her lone-wolf way of living, was thrown into a family drama involving her younger stepsister, thirteen new brothers, and a marriage of two families. 

Rin was ice, herself in the flesh, and she had never let a single ray of sunlight in. As the Asahina wormed themselves into her lives, she noticed that melting her walls aren't such a bad thing. In the Sunrise Residence, a tale revolving around her and her own demons will unveil. 

Let the curtains rise. 


In which, a girl as cold as ice learned that the sun isn't scorching hot and instead they're warm and the sun exists in the form of new stepbrothers, apparently. 

**A Brothers Conflict FanFiction**


Please don't copy, claim, use my story or my works to your advantage. If you'd like, consult to me first. I don't own BroCon.


p.s; the story is under editing, some parts are unpublished and being edited, please bear with me.

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CaratNeoTech_Annie CaratNeoTech_Annie May 18, 2017
Lemons....please don't tell me. Oh god. I'm just gonna imagine it's 🍋 the ones you eat...
seiraphic seiraphic Jun 13
the reasonable part of me feels like i need to clarify the lemon confusion but another part of me says let’s not! 😂
rosemary_death rosemary_death May 06, 2017
ya'll get your heads out of the gutters I bet she means the fruit. Bakas !
Do you not live in America? Because I’ve only ever been able to watch one season.
JinsPinkSpatula JinsPinkSpatula Jan 02, 2017
Which lemons? 🤔😂 she's so much like me except she's a model and slender hahaha😅
crisis_m crisis_m Feb 09, 2016
Let's be best friends! Though I'm not fond of strong smells in summer or autumn or winter, and the taste of cheesecake and licorice is tangy and strange on my tongue all years of my life.
                              I just don't know why I'm not fond of those things...