Fixing The Broken One | BroCon

Fixing The Broken One | BroCon

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[under chapters editing]

Rin was more than content living a busy solitary life as a model with thousands of spotlights shining above her and cameras busy snapping. But Rintarou had another idea when he announced his re-marriage and told his eldest daughter to move with the Asahina brothers. 

Unlike her sister, Ema, Rin was reserved and cold. She was known for her perfection and emotionless mask for it was hiding her insecure and nearly broken self. 

With thirteen males shoved into her life, Rin will need to make a few changes whether she likes it or not, and maybe they will change her too -- for the better. 

But with her past secrets and crimes catching up, love conflicts among her path, and memories ready to haunt her, will she make it towards her 'happy-ending' before she came crashing down?

Only time will tell. 

**A Brothers Conflict FanFiction**


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p.s; the story is under editing which is why some parts may will not be connected to the other. I know this is crappy, okay

Lemons....please don't tell me. Oh god. I'm just gonna imagine it's 🍋 the ones you eat...
ya'll get your heads out of the gutters I bet she means the fruit. Bakas !
Which lemons? 🤔😂 she's so much like me except she's a model and slender hahaha😅
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Let's be best friends! Though I'm not fond of strong smells in summer or autumn or winter, and the taste of cheesecake and licorice is tangy and strange on my tongue all years of my life.
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