Blazing Pink eyes (X-men First Class Romance)

Blazing Pink eyes (X-men First Class Romance)

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My OC info

Name: Rezme Rose Bond

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Mutant

Appearance: Mid back sandy blonde hair, Blazing Pink eyes

Powers: She can transform into any animal she wants, even animals that are not real, mermaid ect. She can also heal at an inhuman rate (like Logan)

Affliction: Afraid of hurting people

Strengths: fast thinker, speed, gymnastics, getting info

Weakness: her mind and emoshions, or her friends

Personality: Happy, comforting, a little motherly, head strong, smiling at the times, even when mad, always looks to the positive side of things.

History: When she was six her father tried to kill her because of her powers, she ran away, never looking back, she started working at the orphanage. She has no constant friends of her age, and is home schooled

Love: Alex Summers

Greatest fear: Being alone, though won't show it

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-quirkless -quirkless Jul 02, 2017
I'm reading the comments and I see some HoO and TT it's awesome
IAmJustTooDamnWeird IAmJustTooDamnWeird Jun 23, 2017
I sometimes laugh at very tense situations and at the most inappropriate times.
BelievesInAllMagic BelievesInAllMagic May 16, 2017
There are mermaids.... Legit you can get a job and be a professional mermaid
TheUnnamedNerd TheUnnamedNerd Mar 08, 2017
She can turn into the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home?!
PrinceBach29 PrinceBach29 Oct 29, 2016
When I saw "a little motherly," I was thinking, 'oh she finna be tripping a lot'😂
wpara3 wpara3 Jan 08, 2017
My emoshions are going crazy right now