Whiplash ➸ [quicksilver ff.]

Whiplash ➸ [quicksilver ff.]

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Mikaela Maximoff By mikayish Completed

pietro maximoff thought florea damion died in the bombing of sokovia. but when he sees her on the opposite side of the battlefield years later, he figures that he thought wrong. 

☠ warning;whiplash will contain A:AoU spoilers. 

COMPLETED! the sequel, Supersonic, is out.

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Gravitons? B-b-but those are a theoretical elementary particle!
The feels... I don't know if I should cry, laugh, scream or what. I think I'll do all of them. At the same time
ZSiddZ ZSiddZ a day ago
She reminds me of so many people:
                              Like Leo Valdez with the toolbelt
                              Thalia Grace with the silver necklace
                              Isabelle Lightwood with the knife 
                              Clary Fray with the hair and clothes
                              Katniss Everdeen with the grey eyes
sendnukes sendnukes Jan 09
Honey lemon😂😂 I shipped her with Tadashi, GoGo with Fred cuz why not....Wasabi had to be gay so he was with Hero I don't know why😂
Wolfy-Queen Wolfy-Queen Jun 08, 2016
*sniffles* Oh Pietro, *curls up in corner and cries like a little baby*.
AnOceanOfEmotion AnOceanOfEmotion Apr 01, 2016
Just wanted to let you know as a South African that, yes, the scenes were shot in Johannesburg. But just for general knowledge's sake, there is no ocean nearby for quite a while.