Block A  (Manxman| Mafia) BLOCK SERIES - BOOK 1

Block A (Manxman| Mafia) BLOCK SERIES - BOOK 1

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BOOK ONE - Completed

Prison, it's a hells playground. Home to hundreds of murders, rapist, mafia bosses but that's not the dangerous part. When you're assigned to guard "block A" you'll know you won't make it out alive. 

It's a tough job, a scary one too but not for Xander O'Connor, he's trained years to become a prison guard. He is good at his job and a very stubborn twink but when the Warden assigned Xander to "block A" he was sure he can handle a small group of mafia bosses. These twin sexy Italian bosses aren't going to let feisty Xander tell them what to but Xander gains attention from not only twin bosses but their whole group in "block A" Xander won't go down without a fight.

(Contains major grammar mistakes if you're a grammar perfectionist then this book isn't for you please keep grammar correction comments to yourself. Block A is different from the others in Block series, it's more serious and emotional, please keep that in mind)

Anywhore Anywhore Nov 19
"I love you with all my heart but you're the only one who knows how to kill a shark, so I'm sorry."
                              *pushes best friend in a pool with a hundred sharks*
Anywhore Anywhore Nov 19
*background explosion* Mr Badass is here. He also bottoms btw
What about someone that broke into ppls houses to tickle bootyholes?
Maybe a stupid question but I've heard multiple people use "rapist" as plural but I thought it was "rapists" am I wrong?
Xu-Weizhou Xu-Weizhou Oct 30
DUDE! they let their selves to be caught bcoz they wnt to see Xander... Yeah thats a jk lol
Sabinegswag Sabinegswag Oct 07
I didn't even notice the grammatical errors until someone pointed it out my mind must've autocorrected the book itself or something 💀💀💀💀💀