My Possessive Alpha Mate

My Possessive Alpha Mate

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Believe By Frozenheart10947 Completed

Jack Frost is a 23 year old  werewolf,and the alpha.
He still didn't find his mate yet,
His pack is one of the strongest pack ever

Elsa is a 21 year old Queen,her sister,Anna just turn 19.
One night when the snowgies and Olaf 
Were running in the woods,
They step on Jack's pack line.
What will happen?will Jack rejected her?
Will Jack mark her on the spot?
Will Elsa run away from Jack?

Find out in this possessive Alpha story!

WiseSeal WiseSeal Jun 05
Oh wow... I guess this author is just Disney all the way! Lol!
TalentedPup1 TalentedPup1 May 03, 2016
Confused so Elsas  a wolf?🤔🤔🤔 or just Jack and they acting like humans? Or they can transform to humans?🤔🤔🤔🤔 interesting
palemalfoy palemalfoy Jun 07, 2016
Im so excited! Reading another story of the same author. I love you author! And I really really really love your story of the psychopath!!!!
Didn't even realize Jack's face was on the cover until I looked at it closely 😂
ShiningStarFangirl ShiningStarFangirl May 03, 2015
Haha!! Marshmallow singing Let It Go wearing Elsa's crown was hilarious!