My Mistake

My Mistake

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drake_lz By drake_lz_sparker Updated Aug 29

Roxanne Fletches. A teenager with a problem. She's a bad girl. For years, she has been running away from the truth of the world. Everybody fears her, but some people have been lucky enough to get to know her. Roxanne is transferred to another school in Los Angeles considering she has been kicked out of her 8th school.

Preston Diego. The 'bad boy' of his school in LA. He plays girls like toys, and has been arrested who knows how many times. When Roxanne comes to his school, and earns the reputation of 'Baddest Badass', he gets angry, but also curious. 

Their game of deceiving, manipulating, hating, and maybe... attracting? Goes on and on for a long time, people almost get sick of it. Almost.

It's technically not incest because they aren't blood related
One of the best Effien books I ever read, third time re-reading it!
Pv14ka Pv14ka Oct 08
Maybe if the last two events werent part of her story id would be a bit more realistic...........
XqueenleahX XqueenleahX Sep 05
Lies. All lies just a whole summary of everyone else's story.
Jesus, I hate them already and she's the main character. Sorry. But imma keep reading anyway.
HarleenMW HarleenMW Aug 21
I clicked on this book by accident but now I can't stop reading it, I freaking love ittt