Howl of The Ninjas Wolf (gaara romance love story)

Howl of The Ninjas Wolf (gaara romance love story)

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Gaara has always been restless on the full moon. But so is someone else......
Chunin exams have begun and Gaaras first full moon within Konoha was quiet until he hears a distant howl, followed by a sad angelic voice singing. Who is she? The girl with characteristics of a wolf and those eyes.....they are filled with sorrow so deep that he may drown if he looks too long.

Kaiya Mitsu (forgiveness light) lived in Konoha under the hokages care. He was basically her father and Asuma was her elder brother. She only cared about those two and hides inside Asumas house everyday. The people of konoha rarely get a glimpse of the girl and is often known as the night wolf. She only goes outside once its dark and when nobody is near. Kaiya has a difficult past and singing is the only way to vent her negative emotions so she won't shatter inside. Her nightly solitude was interrupted by a silent red haired boy.

They met under the full moon.......from different will the story unfold.

It's sad but awesome @ the same time and Kakuza & Hidan why r u two such but faces killing her parents like that >~<
crystal500- crystal500- May 09
you stared at your phone shocked, tears streaming down your eyes.
                              "n-no, it can't be!" you screamed as you threw your phone across the room, safely landing on your bed.
                              on the phone, a few words were sent to you:
                              SUMMER VACATION IS CANCELLED.
@KittyChanXP the kid wants meat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and the mom tells her no, and they all have ears and a tail, they live in the mountains, and someone knocked on their door.
KittyChanXP KittyChanXP Apr 06
I like how dramatic all of these comments are. Just a bunch of "Le gasps" and rewording of the scene.
littlecabbage littlecabbage Dec 13, 2016
Because everything changed, when the fire nation attacked...
*eyes sparkling* MEATTTTT
                              Lol luffy where did you come from?