A Shifter's Secret (Revised and Edited)

A Shifter's Secret (Revised and Edited)

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Maryah Rose By Maryah_Roses Completed

Growing up in the wilds of Alaska, Keliea was like any young shifter, well unless you consider having a Goddess with a sick sense of humor normal. 

Disowned and shunned by most of her pack she is forced to leave the only home she has ever known.

Branded a freak and an abomination she is devastated she turns to the Crimson Pack.

Finding sanctuary within the walls of the  pack of her best friend she is accepted and loved.

But nothing is ever as it seems.

Will her family and pack realize their mistake before it's to late?

Will they appreciate her as they should have from the beginning?

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MariaManuele1967 MariaManuele1967 Oct 07, 2017
This is the first time I read your story. But it sound like s good one, she a keeper cool.
dionysiae dionysiae Feb 28, 2016
I think you mean everyone. I wouldn't mention it usually because it's so minor, but it's your first sentence that sets the tone for the rest of the story.
Maryah_Roses Maryah_Roses Apr 25, 2015
@chicca33 it's explained more later on in up coming chapters
chicca33 chicca33 Apr 25, 2015
I still don't understand why she is a "Freak", or what is so different about her, can somebody explain please?
gypsiroze gypsiroze Feb 18, 2015
so far I like this chapter hope it doesnt turn out to be like the other books where the girl gets rejected then takes him back ..their story is good but the ending is boring read only obe book that I loved where the mate was rejected and at the end after all her suffering she was granted a new mate
charliehorse27m charliehorse27m Feb 19, 2013
that sound like somethng a group of giggling girls would do get ready for any party more so if get to pay dress w some 1 else that got a lil tomboy in them lol