The LGBTQ+ Handbook

The LGBTQ+ Handbook

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Did you just find out that you are gay?
Are you secretly a bisexual?
Feeling awkward because you are transgender?
Do you not have any idea about what you are?
Or are you straight, and you don't know how to treat people of different sexual orientations?
You will get many questions answered in this lovely handbook!

This is the (un) official handbook for being queer!

This is not written by a straight person!

You can always tell the person is queer if they use lgbtq+ instead of just lgbt
TomHoller TomHoller Jul 09
OK. Why only girls want me to date them? I'm bisexual and I had only one boyfriend. I was four... My destiny wants me to be a lesbian...(Do not look at my nick xd)
sandstorm122 sandstorm122 Mar 25, 2016
I'm questioning of both gender and sexuality, but I think I've settled with panromantic and sexually attracted to males. I look forward to reading this!
curlykales curlykales Apr 21, 2016
How did you know you were bi like I'm confused about my sexuality
MerrynAlleyne MerrynAlleyne Mar 06, 2016
Bisexual <3 and just discovering it. <3 Love things like this. Stories of all people that help make real peoples' stories and feelings validated. Keep up the good work.
foxyiscoming4u foxyiscoming4u Feb 13, 2016
I'm bisexual but my parents are homophobic I only found out when I came out to them. But I have friends and the best loving girlfriend in the whole world