Meet the Playboys (Vmin)(#Wattys2015) ✔

Meet the Playboys (Vmin)(#Wattys2015) ✔

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Park Jimin is the resident playboy in their high school, going with girls day & night.

But suddenly the new boy, Kim Taehyung, showed up and all the girls were swooped by his charms, as well as the BOYS. Yes, the boys. Of course, Taehyung is an expert in these. He's also a playboy. But Jimin won't be beaten by that. He needs to fight for his throne so he challenges Taehyung.

Although, things don't go the way Jimin planned.


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Jungkookie! Tae plz be his friend and don't allow Jimin to bully him.
K Jimin get your shite together you gay too, don't deny it fam
mygtown mygtown Aug 01
Please don’t tell me Kookie is gonna fall for Taehyung... I don’t want him to be broken
i literally came here cuz i read too much vkook and needed more of my side ship but welp
What school does he go to where you can lean back in a cafeteria seat?
96child 96child Sep 24
This is how I feel now. Jumping from boy to boy - just as a crush obviously 🙄