Meet the Playboys (Vmin)(#Wattys2015) ✔

Meet the Playboys (Vmin)(#Wattys2015) ✔

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시드니 ^_−☆ By saywhatYOUWANNASAY55 Completed

Park Jimin is the resident playboy in their high school, going with girls day & night.

But suddenly the new boy, Kim Taehyung, showed up and all the girls were swooped by his charms, as well as the BOYS. Yes, the boys. Of course, Taehyung is an expert in these. He's also a playboy. But Jimin won't be beaten by that. He needs to fight for his throne so he challenges Taehyung.

Although, things don't go the way Jimin planned.


cover by @aliceinblue27

Btsvminie Btsvminie 2 days ago
please educate me on what a sIut smells like just for reference
Btsvminie Btsvminie a day ago
I can't stop laughing thinking of tae saying this is just so funny
MyUserNameIsThisLol MyUserNameIsThisLol Nov 08, 2016
Because they saw Jimin and thought: hey why not make our son gay? Great idea!
MingYaoii MingYaoii Dec 03, 2016
*grabs laptop and throws it out window* Jimin xD
Btsvminie Btsvminie a day ago
Jesus I legit wish I could transfer into every school in fanfics fk
binglevminbingle binglevminbingle Dec 27, 2016
That would be me if I had boobs and if I was a hoe but I'm not