Finding Myself (Completed)

Finding Myself (Completed)

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NocteLux By NocteLux Completed

What would you do when you learn that everything you believe is actually a lie?

Which life would you choose if the one you live is an absolute hell?

Leia is a broken girl who was rejected by the only boy her eyes had seen as the one. When she ran away desperate to find a new home she finds a secret that was kept from her for 13years.

A new home is given to her but there is a trick. The new home is an heirless Kingdom which is destined to be ruled by the most powerful hybrid the universe has ever seen.


  • cniara
  • fate
  • leia
  • mate
  • queen
  • reject
  • senazyrek
  • war
I was 21 kg when I was 11 smh i had five boys in my house I turned into a boy with all them sports and all so I practically grew up with less weight 
                              Smh 250 noo
dilucas4444 dilucas4444 Feb 07
I’m around 120 to 130 lbs, (whatever 59 kilos is), but I’ve lost weight in the past few months. I think I’ve lost at least thirty kilos, and I wasn’t ‘fat’ to begin with, just a bit curvy, so 250 lbs is a realistic weight, I guess.
ohmyfuckles ohmyfuckles Aug 15, 2015
she's shouldn't be 250lb she should be dead, that is just no, if 150 sure but 250 it's unrealistic
NocteLux NocteLux Apr 20, 2013
@bclulu Wow thank you so much I can't wait for your comments :)))
bclulu bclulu Apr 20, 2013
Loved the story.  Thanks for sharing.  Can't wait for the next one!
NocteLux NocteLux Apr 07, 2013
@marychris7 Thank you so much :) @ReginaDKorvah I'll fix them all when I edit the chapters :)