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Fairy Secrets:Sweetest Lies and The Truth {Fairy tail fanfic}

Fairy Secrets:Sweetest Lies and The Truth {Fairy tail fanfic}

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Riza By TheOne_Fairy Updated Dec 30, 2016

My name? Call me Lucy Heartfilia. Runaway daughter,Delinquent at Fairy high and Pop star on the rise. Occupation: Music. Me and my friends are internet sensational. We were just playing around one day and uploaded a silly video on Poptune. Over a night we became a hit. We started uploading more and more videos. Oh and fun fact about my group, is that we HATE the The Truths. A boy band who is currently taking over Japan, but not for long. They call themselves The Truths but nobody knows what they've done in the past and I'll tell ya, it gots something to do with us. The Truths are going to have some competition in the ranks and Fairy records. Oh and my groups sweetest lie is that nobody knows who we are. The audience sees our face but it's not ours at all.

   Claim:I do not own fairy tail. Hiro Maskima does. I will also age up or age down some characters, for example Wendy will be 17 in this story. Hope you don't mind. Also there will be some English and some Japanese songs. Enjoy

I get it (T▽T)(`・ω・´)”(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Dora is like a smart ass 3 year old that acts like an adult that leaves the house whenever but can't spot things next to her even though she has 20/20 vision
Zirollove Zirollove Mar 20
Wahhhhh why is Juvia doesnt have alot of complement also I love that she is a more badass type😭😭😭😭😭
tinkiscutey23 tinkiscutey23 Jul 26, 2016
ok so this isn't a bad thing but I just had to point this out and wonder if its on purpose, this sounds a lot like Jem and the holograms especially the new movie remake of it, or is it just cool coincidence
iilovefoodi iilovefoodi Feb 25
Haha, I like Dora haha she is a badass, she leaves home bye herself and she's only 10. She's my role modell
DolanUnicorn DolanUnicorn Jun 20, 2016
Oh my days. Really Romeo? Really? Did not expect something like that from you AT ALL.