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The Flirty Type

The Flirty Type

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Deadly Nightshade By Creepypasta_girl15 Completed

A flirty girl but an angel at heart, unless you piss her off. Then she's a demon with an innocent face. Danielle Diamond, or as she always goes by Danny, lived in America before moving with her dad and little sister to Japan. She will be starting her new life there going to Ouran Academy where she's mistaken as a boy because her name is Danny and the short hair. Her hair was long but with a little sister around and add scissors on top of that you're asking for a mess. Her sister gapped her hair and now it's really short making her look like a dude. Danny ends up opening a door that may or may not make her life even crazier.

zavala2013 zavala2013 4 days ago
I'm starting to like this character. 
                              I like it ❤️❤️❤️
How the hell can people be this short at 15
                              I wouldn't understand as I'm nearly a foot taller than this
Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta Nov 16, 2016
... in cm she's only a few cm taller
                              2 inches taller than me of u use the other measuring system. ._.
Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta Nov 16, 2016
xD omg u described me!! Except the anger issues thing, around my friends, I have problems when it comes to me and strangers
FluffyChubaca FluffyChubaca Sep 16, 2016
the opposite of me IM SO SUPER GIRLY I LIKE PINK AND FRILLS AND IM NOT ATHLETIC 😂 whatever im sure this story will be fantabulous GO AUTHOR CHAN!
Puppy_Sparkles Puppy_Sparkles Oct 08, 2016
So that means she'll go for a guy or girl. I read a story like that before... Disgusting. I am not saying bi  people are, I'm saying when some authors put bis in books, its just really weird.