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I'll change for you [Bully!America x Bullied!Suicidal!Abuse!Reader] -Revising-

I'll change for you [Bully!America x Bullied!Suicidal!Abuse!Reader] -Revising-

21.3K Reads 593 Votes 12 Part Story
Kade By You-KanDoAnything Completed

You have always been a shy girl and ever since your mom died all seemed to turn from bad to worse. You were always bullied by one boy named Alfred. You always hated him and the thought of him but will that all change when he saves you from falling to your death? Find out in this story~!

iamchoiting iamchoiting May 21, 2016
Because I'm fabulous and they want to be too, but they can't.
Elizabeta is a good person tho ;-; I cant imagine her as a bully
AnimeLister4Ever AnimeLister4Ever Nov 11, 2016
I believe I've been called worse.
                              Elizabeta: And what may that be?
                              Me: Your Girlfriend.
honoka225 honoka225 Aug 22, 2016
No you are Hungary. Cuz your country is almost the same as Hungry whaddaya say bish
Mrpig101 Mrpig101 Jul 30, 2016
I'm not fat, I'm fluffy. And there just jelly of how awesome I am!
Readerforevreything Readerforevreything Sep 26, 2016
-Looks at evreybody-
                              If I'm fat, then why would I not eat? 
                              (Also, nothing wrong with being fat or chubby.)