She's Mine

She's Mine

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neosculturetech By neosculturetech Updated Aug 31, 2016

Ariana McAdams. She's your everyday, average nerd who loves to read, write and dream. She's the girl that every parent wants. She's the girl that some mothers hope their sons would marry. She's the girl who keeps her head down in everything. She's the girl who has never kissed a boy, let alone have a boyfriend.   

Austin Colton. Now, he's nothing like our girl, Ariana. Austin is the guy who gets into fights everyday. He's the boy every parent hates to see their girls around. He's the boy that parents hate. He's the boy who isn't afraid of anything. He's the boys who girls throw themselves at. So how do their world's collide?

 one thing's for sure; the bad boy is possessive of his possessions.

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TheManiacsIn TheManiacsIn Jul 07, 2017
I wouldn't have tolerated that. He would have his head bashed into the lockers until he lost conscious.
MissMayden MissMayden Oct 15, 2017
Schools have dress codes. If things are too short you have to change
TheLittleBadass TheLittleBadass Nov 14, 2017
If someone banged my head against the lockers, they would not live another day to see the sun rise.
Shwkxi Shwkxi Jul 25, 2017
I think that's why they made her think selling her car would be better mmm.
Animation4eternity Animation4eternity Nov 25, 2017
Gurll relaaaaax I do this aok tge time! 
                              I srsly do tho. 4th country, 7th school xD
SuperCrabCake SuperCrabCake Sep 18, 2017
That's...what you say to someone who BASHES your head into the lockers? I think you hit your head too hard sweetheart