She's Mine

She's Mine

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neosculturetech By neosculturetech Updated Aug 31

Ariana McAdams. She's your everyday, average nerd who loves to read, write and dream. She's the girl that every parent wants. She's the girl that some mothers hope their sons would marry. She's the girl who keeps her head down in everything. She's the girl who has never kissed a boy, let alone have a boyfriend.   

Austin Colton. Now, he's nothing like our girl, Ariana. Austin is the guy who gets into fights everyday. He's the boy every parent hates to see their girls around. He's the boy that parents hate. He's the boy who isn't afraid of anything. He's the boys who girls throw themselves at. So how do their world's collide?

 one thing's for sure; the bad boy is possessive of his possessions.

Mitti1 Mitti1 Jul 27
I wish I could rise a Sloth to school.. Why? Bcs it'd take so long, ud probably miss school. PROBLEM SOLVED!
Lol. I'm from Texas and when I went to Colorado I started talking to this little girl and told her I'm from Texas, and she said "Do you always ride your horse to school?" I was so confused but then knew what she meant 😂😂😂 yes guys in Tx everyone rides their horses everywhere they go 😂
HeyImLillie HeyImLillie Nov 26
We are just like every other civilized country. We drive cars to school, have NORMAL pets like cats and dogs!
                               *sigh* sorry about the rant guys but ugghhh!!!
Same reaction I had when she said that people thought she rode kangaroos to school😶
KizoHeart KizoHeart Nov 05
Skin colour, eye colour, clothing style, music style, guy type, girl type, favourite colours.. anything else? I'm pretty sure there is someone who has a lot of things in common with u
SkylerGuilbert SkylerGuilbert 5 days ago
I go to a public school and we can't do PDA, and there's a dress code