His and Hers (A BDSM Novel/ManxMan)

His and Hers (A BDSM Novel/ManxMan)

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Lyssa F. By SeikaPhoenix Updated Sep 10

Lessa and Roxas Payne are siblings. 

Lessa is an older sister and trained mistress to Roxas in the world of family and BDSM, but when their world begins to crumble apart, will they be able to stay strong enough to keep their tight bond, or will everything crumble to the ground and blow away in the breeze of tragedy? 

Roxas was molested when he was thirteen, which was about twelve years prior, and forced to keep the secret... until one day. 

One fateful day, everything changed for the Payne siblings. 

Horrible pain, suffering, sadness, overwhelming anger, distrust, and hate came into their lives when everything seemed perfectly fine. 

They need a savior, but who would it be?

All they know is that the one with silver-colored eyes is their only chance at being saved...


This is a BDSM book, so if you don't like that sort of thing, I suggest you leave. Immediately. 

However, I have decided to change the plot a bit, which is why I changed the summary for this book (for some of my old readers out there, sorry for the confusion). It will have some incest, but it won't be full on sexual incest. And there will be some hot manxman action (with Lessa watching and helping them with their controlled pain addictions), no worries. :3 But it won't be until later in the book, when everything has calmed down a bit.

Copyright © 2015-2016 All rights reserved by Lyssa Faden; also known as SeikaPhoenix.

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                              that has got to be the hottest thing I've read in MONTHS. DAMN. I APPLAUD YOU. I WANR MORE ;~;