The Good Girl and her Bad Boys

The Good Girl and her Bad Boys

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Maynie By KawaiiSenpai22 Updated Jun 30, 2015

Skyler Sosa has been bullied all her life, literally. Now she's a senior at Dawson High School Home to the Bulldogs. All she wants to is enjoy he last year but knows she can't have that. But what she doesn't know is her senior year is going to take a little turn.

Once she meets the three baddest boys in her school ( Brandon, Jake, Kian) , they start to actually be nice to her, but wants to be her bad boy friends and hangout her with like normal, but Skylar is so confused why would want to do that especially with a girl like her. 

Well I don't want to get too into the story. Stay turned nd find out what happens my amazing readers!!!! :)

haroldpuppy haroldpuppy Oct 07, 2016
Umm hun,  @RubixCube89201 will report you,  and btw u are a rip off
TheOtherBookThief TheOtherBookThief 4 days ago
You can't do this. Jesus, you didn't even change the title. @RubixCube89201 worked really hard on that book, you can't just copy it like that.
AlicaMcBean AlicaMcBean Nov 10, 2016
I think she should give them a chance and see what will happened
The_Wolf_Is_My_Soul The_Wolf_Is_My_Soul Nov 07, 2016
oh, and the bad guys names.
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gimmmeeee gimmmeeee Nov 25, 2016
@RubixCube89201  @RubixCube89201 CHECK IT OUT ITS A COPY !!!!!!!!!!
JewelofthePhoenix JewelofthePhoenix Oct 22, 2016
How hard is it to come up with an original storyline? Seriously, plagiarism is illegal. @RubixCube89201