Innocence (Phan)

Innocence (Phan)

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~ Chandler ~ By The_Big_Payno Updated Feb 28, 2016

Everyone he knew was filled with pure hatred, yet his innocence was his only enemy.

Phil wasn't like the others, and there wasn't a day when he wasn't taunted about it.

Dan was exactly like everyone else, and he was praised for it.

Dan hated everything about Phil, and he took absolutely no pity on him.

Phil despised Dan's actions, but he couldn't bring himself to hate the boy himself.

The two unintentionally completed each other.

Dan was a lefty...

Phil was a righty.

Dan liked appearance...

Phil liked personality.

Dan was a night owl.

Phil was an early bird.

Dan was acceptably happy with who he was.

Phil felt like a trapped soul in a pale and bruised body.

They were literally each other's missing puzzle pieces.

Will Dan open his eyes and realize that blue belongs with brown? Or will Phil break down before he realizes?

Just press 'start reading' and find out!

First phanfiction! Please read on before you decide to not give this story a chance xx ~Kayla~

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But isn't Ricky Dillon a-sexul? I thought he was correct me if I'm wrong plz
As in Marcus Dobre bc if that's wut u mean then NOOOOOOOOOOO
I mean if I'm gonna get hit anyway I might as well get amusement out of it.
Um sorry but but I took the postion of Phil trash #2 a loooonnngggg time ago
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have no idea where did all of this sassiness come from but cha gotta use it
How did you do that and I get confused trying to finish a "Roses are Red" poem?