Viking's Heart (On hold)

Viking's Heart (On hold)

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Romy By rosemybn Updated Jul 11, 2015

"You're mine now ." 
Eirik whispered hoarsely, caressing her soft cheek.

"I don't like shattering your hopes, Viking, but I'll never be yours. You may have my body, but never my heart!"


They are enemies.
 He kills. She heals.
She is light. He is dark. 
Can love bloom, where hate was seeded?

Streamtail Streamtail Dec 17, 2016
If you need to, you can get ginger grammar on your computer and copy your story onto it.    It will spellcheck and check your grammar.
Pottsy_girl Pottsy_girl Aug 10, 2016
I'm sure if you were to read through it again, you would have found this, but it should say know instead of knew. :)
goldensnich23 goldensnich23 Jul 08, 2016
Your story sounds very interesting. It´s easy to understand, also for a german like me. Aurora reminds me a litte bit to the main character in my book. I´m also writing about vikings but not mainly (It isn´t here on Wattpad yet). You have a very beautiful style of writing. :-)
itsallabouttheMoni itsallabouttheMoni Mar 23, 2016
The punctuation is a bit off, but your spelling is great! Keep up the work.
Nebula07 Nebula07 Jan 03, 2016
I can see the grammatical mistakes your were talking about, but with just a bit of editing the story would flow really well. It is written beautifully, and just needs a bit of adjustment.
amicael amicael Dec 18, 2015
This story sounds like such a good one! Really hope you update with new/more chapters soon :) this could be great!