Scribblings from the Asylum Walls

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The Creepy Homeboys (and girls) By TheCreepyHomeboys Completed
In this Madhouse, there is more than one patient. The walls are littered with the stories of countless men and women who have come seeking sanctity from their own minds. Shattered remnants of broken psyches lay littered on the floor, in rotting beds, in crumbling walls... These are the Scribblings from the Asylum Walls.
    Welcome to the Madhouse...
This has got to be my favorite horror book I've ever read on wattpad.  A+++++++
@DanGil Yes it would. Many people have actually read through the entire thing and voted on every chapter and they came here because of that stupid wayward girls thing.
I love how everyone keeps commenting about that Waywrd Asylum thing. I'm considering adding a "no affiliation to X" to the cover xD but that would affect our business, wouldn't it?
The hand on the cover reminds me of that episode of Beyond Belief. Yeah, I liked that so I added this to my library. Beyond Belief Rocks!
OMG I love the cover, it kinda reminds me of that one thing.
                                    When I saw this in my feed, I simply couldn't resist.
I like how you used the used similar theme to The Asylum for Wayward Victorian girls and the cover too. 
                                    Emilie autumn did a good job on her book, right?