Daddy's Little Pup (Boyxboy)

Daddy's Little Pup (Boyxboy)

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Alpha Male By AlphaOfTheRedForest Completed

This story is about a father and son loving each other more then father and son.

Travis Stephen, age 35 is the single father of Patrick Stephen. He and his wolf have been feel a pull to their son after a woman got pregnant after a one night stand. He's been a great father to Patrick. Travis is the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. When Patrick turns 18 what will happen?

Patrick Stephen, age 17 turns 18 in a week, has been in love with his father for several years but keeps it a secret. He hopes that his father is his mate.

Cottonbolt Cottonbolt Aug 09
How is that attrative i am pretty sure he can touch and airplane that is flying just standing there.
I hope this story don't sound like an​ immature kid wrote it but I am going to keep my Hope's up and pray it gets better.
tiny_tomy_3 tiny_tomy_3 Apr 21
*Ahem! This hot piece of specimen was created when God was happy and full of energy with unicorns and rainbows in the background
This makes me wonder if mates being blood related happens a lot since he's not freaking out
how ?.. how is that supposed to work..?? im taller than him??? his dad is 7'2..??? im 5'9 wearing heels..??
ModernBlasphemy ModernBlasphemy Aug 03, 2016
Id would be so smug if he was my dad 
                              Like actual sex God is dropping from him