Revenge [ Narry / Ziall] ✔

Revenge [ Narry / Ziall] ✔

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Niall is overweight, and is madly in love with Harry, Captain of the soccer team, 
and has  been in love with him since 6th grade and here he is on his junior year of High School.
 Tired of Harry's constant verbal and physical abuse that influences the school to do the same Niall goes to a fat camp where he meets his Guardian angels but is it too late to reconstruct his damaged mind? Will they be able to save Niall's damaged soul? or will they suffer the explosion that is Niall. . . a ticking time bomb.

// Not your everyday High school bulling story\\

I am curvy as hell, and I enjoy it. Never wanted to be skinny, i love my hips the way they are.
I go to the gym..but it doesn't seem to do much.........😂😂😂
Now that I've caught ur attention do you have time to talk about our Lord and savior Louis Tomlinson
This story hit close home because I was bullied for being fat, and nerdy. it took me so long to love my body the way it is.
Bitch i wish my skin taste like fried chicken 
                              Mine probably taste like burned hair
My friend thinks she is fat and is starting to wear  Waist trainer my other friend jokes about her being fat but I keep her head up by giving her speeches about how people would kill to have her body she's not fat she only has a little stomach and that's it