How cute (kaneki X reader) [UNEDITED]

How cute (kaneki X reader) [UNEDITED]

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You start hanging out with kaneki a lot,but he always acts different around you 
Knowing that he's a ghoul (you are too) you two always go together when you go to Agoiri 
Are you ready for what kaneki prepares to tell you?

I've finished this book,the first couple chapters are old and terrible! And at some points I've forgotten about a couple things on ghouls! Also I spelt 'Yamii' rather than 'kamii' and I spelt Aogiri wrong

These chapters are EXTREMELY old.
Do not criticise them as my writing had changed then.

I am keeping these chapters to remember my old writing.If you don't like it and would like to see an improved version in writing,please move on to my 2nd or 3rd book.

i read the first line
                              and i thought
                              it said
                              Hide, as in my babe
                              an not hide.
Is it bad I just screamed "Kaneki noooo!!!!!!!!"?I've already made him my official in a relationship with character ^~^
but that is a really good start to pull the reader in and to read more
when i read the first sentience i screamed and fangirled but then played it cool and blamed it on my baby sister
tbh i actually ship myself more with juuzou than kaneki but tHERES NO MORE GOOD JUUZOU x READERS SO HERE I AM
angiesempi angiesempi Sep 11
You Ken run, but you can't Hide! Okay, can we Touka bout' this pun? Huehuehue -w-