Adopted by Gerard way

Adopted by Gerard way

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15 year old Isla Amy Lee Andrews is a severely depressed, band obsessed, anti social teenager.
Isla has lived in an orphanage in New Jersey ever since she was ten when she was taken off of her Dad.

Isla doesn't think there is any point in living anymore, not in a world where she is hated by almost everyone. She is badly bullied and has more mental health issues than she can count as a result of her being badly abused by her farther in her younger years.

What happens when a certain someone who just so happens to be Isla's biggest idol comes to her orphanage to think about adopting?
Will it change her life for the better or is her life just a roller coaster that only goes down?

Can Isla learn that life is so much better than she first thought or will she carry on living in a sea of self destruction?

(TRIGGER WARNING:contains self harm, depression, sexual abuse and minor anorexia. If you are triggered by any of these things DO NOT READ. You have been warned)

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I'm sure health professionals would say that's unhealthy so it's funny how many people relate including me
The_Flossy_Fangirl The_Flossy_Fangirl Mar 16, 2017
I've been to London to multiple times,just to try and meet them
Janthonygirl439 Janthonygirl439 Mar 16, 2017
I made a poster hanging above my head currently saying "keep calm and wear the whiskers" so....
MindAboveMadness MindAboveMadness Jun 08, 2017
There seems to be a lot of conflicting and rapidly changing emotions, but if she has  mental disorders (a topic I know almost  nothing about) she probably has one that  can cause that in some people, then it makes sense.
Phanmylifeyy Phanmylifeyy Jun 10, 2017
                              thanks Ilsa 
                              thanks for reminding me that I spent all my money for March 22nd
Mercy-Corleone Mercy-Corleone Jul 16, 2017
Have you heard the news that your dead
                              Okay I'll stop