Better Off Dead |Lashton AU| (Undergoing major editing)

Better Off Dead |Lashton AU| (Undergoing major editing)

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G O N E R By lashtonobsessed Updated Nov 15, 2016

"So what does it take? Maybe it's not too late"

Trigger Warnings:  
-Eating disorders 
-Suicidal thoughts/actions

Disclaimer: I do not own 5SOS, any events that happen in this book are pure fiction. I hope you enjoy.

calmtrash1 calmtrash1 Jun 16
I freaking love love love how Ashton isn't playing the victim in this or the one who's depressed or something like usual in fan fics
me too baby, me too. im aware that im underweight but i don't physically see it or feel like it. it sucks to have your reality ripped away and replaced with lies.
sundaysuicidedays sundaysuicidedays Jul 09, 2016
I'm thinking of skipping to the end because I can't take another one
MukeBoiBtchOssHater MukeBoiBtchOssHater Dec 14, 2016
DON;T THINK THAT BABY, smile and be happy, I want to hug my lucas now
xxoxri xxoxri Aug 20, 2016
Its sad when u think about it because all  of 5sos have went through depression at some point (mikey is still going through it)  and their just beautiful.humans and don't deserve it☹
daisyperezcx daisyperezcx Oct 13, 2016
this is the first Lashton story that i'm reading where Luke is the fragile one. My heart literally broke