Girl meets boy: a Reyton story

Girl meets boy: a Reyton story

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Anna By Disneyloveranna Updated Mar 12, 2017

I love him, a lot. From the moment our eyes locked my heart melted I knew he was the one. It may sound stupid, I a 14 year old girl crushing on a 17 year old guy but I can't hide it anymore, I'm like a coke can ready to explode. It's been 2 years since I fell in love and yet I've only told Sabrina. 

 I can't love him though, he's practically my older brother, we work together, and he's 3 years older than me! As if he'd love me back anyways. But I can't contain this feeling much longer.  I love Peyton Meyer. 

On the show it's great; my true feelings come out and my character is besotted with his, it's the only part of the day where I can express my feelings, just in a different character.  

Personally I think I'm good at hiding my feelings, no one has suspected I thing, not yet anyway. I secretly track Reyton on tumblr though and I love all the edits, if I only they were real. 

'Ding Dong' 
I run to the door in hope it's Peyton, I asked him, Sabrina, Corey and Olivia to come round a...

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Sofiaa1124 Sofiaa1124 Jun 09, 2016
*cough cough * OBVIOUS * cough cough* sorry I a cold 🤒😉
Sofiaa1124 Sofiaa1124 Jun 09, 2016
Why can' t real life be this way? All you'd have to do is stock your crush for two years and invite them to your room and BAM they ask you out!
Rucas_Reyton_ Rucas_Reyton_ Jul 06, 2016
Tummy a turnin' and I feel a little home sick. Too much pressure and I'm nervous
Sofiaa1124 Sofiaa1124 Jun 09, 2016
" I can't fight this feeling any longer!  What started out as friendship has grown stronger but I still refuse to let it show!"
Sqampy_Forever Sqampy_Forever Mar 15, 2016
When you put the P: it looks like a face with a tongue sticking out! Lol!
                              Just thought I would point that out!
Sofiaa1124 Sofiaa1124 Jun 09, 2016
What if Peyton does too and he through tumbler he's able too know that Rowan loves him but he just waiting to tell her? And he makes edits and writes fanfics?!