To The Future!!!

To The Future!!!

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MandyPandy By ashuzumaki905 Updated Dec 20, 2016

After their encounter with Garaa and the sand siblings, Team 7 gets ready to take part for the chunin exams. What happens when they discover a scroll which sends them to the future where Kakashi is Hokage, Naruto is married to Hinata, Sakura is a founder of the Konoha Children's Mental Hospital and Sasuke is falling for his pink haired teammate

What will their reactions be? And how can the get back to their own timeline?

Mainly SasuSaku, with slight NaruHina and Team 7 friendship

  • future
  • naruhina
  • sakuraharuno
  • sasuke
  • sasusaku
  • team7
wasteoid wasteoid Jun 04, 2017
I mean, he's not exactly wrong (don't get me wrong I love naruto ahahahah)
multicoloredllama multicoloredllama Sep 17, 2017
Poor Kankuro. No one remembers him. I probably spelled his name wrong.
Cinderanna Cinderanna Jul 03, 2016
Poor Sakura.. Don't worry your prince will return your feelings in the future!
Dark_Sakura Dark_Sakura Mar 30, 2016
Ah young me. Was I always this naive? Oh well, me don't you worry a pretty little pink lock, you'll be seeing soon what the future has installed for you.
- - Dec 16, 2016
I found myself laughing like crazy when I tried to imagine that.. XD
Fran48 Fran48 Jul 07, 2015
Wow..seems amazing so far :)..and yeah, wattpad's new layout is so wierd ;0 DX