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Hades' Daughter (Completed) (#Wattys2017)

Hades' Daughter (Completed) (#Wattys2017)

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Charlotte By CharlotteCarol Updated Jun 15

This is NOT a Percy Jackson fan fiction but read it anyway if you want to!

"Hello, and welcome to Hell. My name is Scarlett, and I will be your tour guide for this lovely evening..."

Hades is known by many different names - Hades, the devil, Lord of the underworld, and Satan. I have met the real devil. I am not dead, nor did I sell my soul to him. No, I know him by a different name. Dad. My name is Scarlett Hades and I am Hades' daughter.

Scarlett, or Scar as her friends and family know her, is the devil's daughter and goes up to earth for a year before she helps her dad run hell for the rest of her life. Should be simple right? Wrong! Throw in friends, boys and a whole lot of drama and Scar will see that earth is a whole different kind of hell.

Hades' Daughter is loosely based on Greek Mythology. It has been changed and added to, to make it easier for the writer (me :)), and so that they could make it their own world. This story is entirely fictional, and not meant to offend anyone.

Cover by @Awakenednightmares

BOOK 1: Hades' Daughter
BOOK 2: War of Fate

Translated into Italian by @mvongh!

Find me on Twitter and Instagram: @cc_thewriter

Best Ranks:
#2 Vampire (I can't believe it!!!)
#1 Paranormal (OMG!! Argh! I can't believe it!)


I have dis feeling I am one of the VERY few people who doesn't understand y authors do dis. But rly, y?
ZinaNizella ZinaNizella Apr 25
I would NEVER COPY YPUR BOOK!! That is plagirising and i dont do dat
Lmao, as I went to read this bk I realized that there were 66 parts. Wt a coincidence.
kiana658 kiana658 Aug 08, 2016
i just starting squealing when i read the desription i love these types of books omg i love it already and i havent even started reading yet
Country_Music001 Country_Music001 Jun 26, 2016
I know this will mess with the Christian part of me, but oh well...this might be a good book to read
ArchangelLeviathan ArchangelLeviathan Sep 07, 2016
Hey, is there out there who will criticize my work Savior? I don't know if it's good, or not, and I would like some advice....If you can I really appreciate it.