Vampire Teacher Wattys 2015

Vampire Teacher Wattys 2015

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"Half human?" He smirked at me as he pins me into the wall. I kept a straight face, not letting him have the satisfaction of me being scared. His arrogant smirk widened.

"This should be fun"

16 year old Ava Brooklyn was a half vampire, her life was normal, considering she was living with her human mom and her 6 year old brother. Her life was suddenly turned upside down when she was forced to change a cursed vampire.

Will she succeed and change him? Or will she end up like the other girls who tried before.

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King_Kira15 King_Kira15 Nov 22
So if someone just said 'there's this white girl' you wouldn't be offended by that? All I really have to say, we are not black bc of we were black we would be the color of my shirt, we are Brown, I would know. And the 'black guy' thing was unnecessary
DaddysMuffin69 DaddysMuffin69 5 days ago
If I was her, I would probably stop for a second then "Daaaamn" to appreciate their hottnes and I would try to run and trip over the AIR and, break my neck or somethinf.
I love this story so much already. Vampires are so awesome!!
I argued with my friend and lasted about less than a minute.. about 30 seconds the maximum
austinismine48 austinismine48 5 days ago
Me: *mumbles* damn girl, give me his number.
                              Friend: What did you say?
                              Me: Um, nothing. I was just saying that she will catch a cold. 
                              Friend: Yeah, her clothes is wet.
                              Me: *mumbles again* That's not the only thing that's wet.
                              Friend: Hmm? 
                              Me: .........
                              Friend: .......
                              Me: ......nothing.