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SheWolf : Story Retold - Kamisama Kiss (on Hiatus)

SheWolf : Story Retold - Kamisama Kiss (on Hiatus)

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Miss Hamster By icekelpie Updated May 16, 2016

Tomoe X reader fanfic.

Characters, (some) storyline and multimedia links to the chapters do not belong to me, unless specified. I do not take credit except for those that are my own original work.

The pale moonlight shone down upon her kneeling figure. Shadows of the branches overhead casted strange patterns over her face. Though her eyes were  closed and face contorted with the expression of pain, the girl was clearly beautiful. 

let me die, kami-sama. Let me join the rest of my people. I don't want to be alone anymore. Let me fade from this cursed existence. 

Come now child. It is not yet your time. 

You're a goddess. An incident some 300 years ago caused to you become immortal, but at the cost of your family's lives. All you want is revenge on the youkai that killed your family. But instead, in the 21st century, you meet a human girl called Nanami, who has suddenly become the new local land god.  Coincidentally, it seems that the familiar of the last land god is very youkai you've thought responsible for your family's death. You just want him gone.
Unless you've fallen in love with him?!

 Fangirls are more than welcome here, fanboys are too, if you're into this kinda thing  ;P may contain adult themes, reader discretion advised. It still has most of the original story (anime by funimation and manga by Julietta Suzuki), but I've added bits and pieces.  

~ love from Cece

PikaMnell PikaMnell Feb 13, 2016
Very descriptive! Such creative way of writing... Truly evokes mental pictures on the reader 👍
xXTheOneWhoWatchesXx xXTheOneWhoWatchesXx Jan 04, 2016
I loved the specific details that you stated it made me feel like I was really the girl at that moment arigato : )
inuyashalin inuyashalin Jul 23, 2015
It's a very very VERY good book. Very entertaining and interesting but what had me confused was when the setting changed to mileage shrine. I was not sure who was narrating and the flashback of that part confused me as well. But in conclusion, I LOVED IT!
xNailedIt xNailedIt Jul 04, 2015
                              Wolves and foxes ''don't get along''
                              I WANTED THIS SO BADLY *o*