EXO's Mate(Werewolves/EXO fanfic)(ON HOLD)

EXO's Mate(Werewolves/EXO fanfic)(ON HOLD)

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Xernas By anas_baekhyun Updated Aug 23, 2017

Eunri is a girl who loves to read, study, draw, sing and dance.She is a nerd girl and always been bullied by the queenkas and kingkas.She doesn't have any friends and loves to be alone.She hates noisy and crowded place, being an attention and wearing make up.

One day,a group of twelve boys known as 'EXO' came to her school.All of the girls and the queenkas fancies them except for Eunri.Eunri doesn't care about EXO until EXO heard Eunri singing and dancing in the studio and know that she is a professional dancer and singer.She is also very talented in cooking,drawing and nursing.

No one knows EXO are werewolves.They went to Eunri's school to find their one and only mate.They are in the same class as Eunri and sit around her in the class.When they were hunting at night, the night Eunri went into the forest to take some fresh air, they met each other.

What happen to Eunri?Is she their one and only mate?What will happen to EXO's secrets as werewolves?Will their human mate accept them?

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NazieAlien NazieAlien Jan 03, 2017
Is it me or its just that Kris' wolf looks like a daddy wolf while Suho's looks like a mommy wolf.... 😂😂😂
Theoretical_Wolf Theoretical_Wolf Dec 30, 2016
Kris Luhan and Tao are gone, but I respect your decision for keeping them in. "We are one". Also you should have made Lay's wolf Moon Moon XD
anas_baekhyun anas_baekhyun May 04, 2015
haha...i have no idea jd aku letak kdk ya...lgpun aku mok cepat sbb aku taip depan bapak aku
anas_baekhyun anas_baekhyun May 03, 2015
sorry...the story has not been written yet...cause i haven't finish it
DellisaJohn DellisaJohn May 03, 2015
OH MY GOD! Who is she?! I get drunk,on jealousy. *do dem lunatic eyes*
DellisaJohn DellisaJohn May 02, 2015
lolololololol.....anas,klak polah watak kai ya bodo2 ckit...