May Day Eve  By Nick Joaquin

May Day Eve By Nick Joaquin

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As Don Badoy Montoya visited his old home at Intramuros, Manila, memories of his youth came back. He recalled how he fell in love with Agueda, a young woman who resisted his advances. Agueda learned that she would be able to know her future husband by reciting an incantation in front of a mirror. As she recited the words: "Mirror, mirror, show to me him whose woman I will be," Agueda saw Badoy. Badoy and Agueda got married. However, Don Badoy learned from his grandson that he was described by Doña Agueda (through their daughter) as a "devil". In return, Don Badoy told his grandson that every time he looks at the mirror, he only sees a "witch" (Agueda). Don Badoy ponders on love that had dissipated.The truth was revealed, Badoy and Agueda had a "bitter marriage", which began in the past, during one evening in the month of May in 1847. The tragedy of the story is Badoy's heart forgot how he loved Agueda in the past. They were not able to mend their broken marriage because their love was a "raging passion and nothing more"

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aiecxssy aiecxssy Nov 22, 2014
so don badoy's wife was the  girl that had bitten his hand long ago?