Aide Me

Aide Me

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"Before I show you who I am, I want you to remember what you're fighting for," Aide replied cautiously and gave them all a piercing stare, "Keep an open mind."

"Just tell us, lad," Hanke snarled impatiently and bobbed his sword.

"Brace yourselves," Aide said as he slowly reached for his hood. 

Emaia's heart pounded vigorously in her chest, so loudly, she feared people could hear. 

This was it. She would finally see the face of her rescuer, the face she had so longed to see.

Aide gave them all one last lingering look, before he closed his eyes, "Your whole world is about to change."

He punctuated his sentence by pulling off his hood.

The entire crowd gasped and all readied their weapons, as long silver hair burst free from the cape and long slender ears appeared.

It was impossible, Emaia thought. They had been extinct for decades. 

But there was no denying it. She looked at the man who had rescued her a few nights ago, and remembered him as charming and valiant. It all made so much sense now - why he could do, what he could do.

He was an elf. And not just any elf. 

- A northern elf.


Ok.... I won't remember the difference between those! 😆 sorry!😅😅
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I love how much effort you put and how you create a completely different and unique world in all your books!
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This better be good. 
                              I've got high hopes from pink dildo girl
I feel like I just read a verse from the bible 😅 nevertheless let's begin the story!
THIS IS SO INTRIGUING! I've never read a book about elfs! It's 5am so I'm going to brace myself when I wake up, just recently discovered you!! Don't disappoint otherwise I'll have your head. Sorry, just been watching "reign" and I'm rambling, okay, bye.
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It's close to mahal which means...
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