In The Pond (Various Black Butler X Mermaid! Reader) DISCONTINUED

In The Pond (Various Black Butler X Mermaid! Reader) DISCONTINUED

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Kamilia kookie By kamiliathecat Completed

That girl, that beautiful girl. Why is she always going by unoticed? Why is she always ignored? Why does she beat herself up? We'll never know. She was a beautiful girl, born with four other beautiful children. However she was the youngest, you and I both know the youngest are always forgotten. She was a mystery herself, she was always cheerful yet vague. Never revealing anything about her self. Including the fact that she's a mermaid with a twin brother that is a human. 

Reveal your true colours, (y/n).

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Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Aug 22, 2017
Am I one of the few that understand this, 16th of January 2016.
Al_Mishi Al_Mishi Jul 31, 2017
Its Awkward When I Read Things That Have My Actual Name But It Looks Like A Great Story
yusozukiicekishen666 yusozukiicekishen666 Apr 16, 2017
I sound like the little mermaid but better. Thank you author-chan
Serafinacherry291 Serafinacherry291 Jul 26, 2017
Artemis is a girl who is the twin sister of Apollo and Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto so how can her parents be Trident and Athena but whatever its your story make it whatever you want also Celestia, Cadence and Twilight from My little pony pretty smart
Doolzly_poop Doolzly_poop May 13, 2016
Well isnt that how you normally do it?
                              16 (day/1 (month)/16 (year)
                              Well thats how we do it in Australia...
_SunnySunshine_ _SunnySunshine_ Jul 29, 2016
Pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeee tell meh he's THE haku from spirited away.