Chase The Impossible *A Barry Allen/OC Love Story #Wattys2016

Chase The Impossible *A Barry Allen/OC Love Story #Wattys2016

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The Avenging Angel By Superjusticeleaguer Completed

To understand what I'm about to tell you. You need to do something first. You need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. My name is Rose West and I am the fastest woman alive. I know what you're thinking doesn't that title belong to someone else? Well The Flash is the fastest when it comes to the ground, but when it comes to the skies? Well that's another story...

*I do not own any characters played in the cw show the flash, only the characters I create, BUT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO SUPERJUSTICELEAGUER© ALL COPY RIGHT ALONG WITH CHARACTERS AND PLOT BELONG TO THE RIGHTFUL AUTHOR*

*Cover art is to the rightful owner*

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Everyone; that's creepy
                              Me; when I hug my fiance I can smell him, too😂😂
gsrily gsrily Aug 02, 2017
i hope hes talking about iris killing eddie because if he talking about barry wells is a dead son of a bitch i tel u that
ItzYaGurlGrace ItzYaGurlGrace Sep 22, 2017
*cut to me in the background * fućk this shìt I’m out! Fück this shīt I’m out I dunno what the fućk just happened but I don’t really care yeah i don’t give a fûck about it (I’m not sure if that is the correct lyrics but whatever)
tommymarvolo tommymarvolo Nov 21, 2017
Pain is my middle name and I am not rapping you cuz i aint gay
ItzYaGurlGrace ItzYaGurlGrace Sep 20, 2017
Idk if this was supposed to be a tangled reference but if it was... YASSSS
MoonDemon16 MoonDemon16 Nov 23, 2017
Eww strawberry milk 
                              Chocolate milk for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!