The Right Choice [COMPLETED]

The Right Choice [COMPLETED]

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"Oh really? I heard you saying something about us cheating", he said and took a step closer to me.

I didn't think he had heard that. "Well yeah, you did cheat", I said and took a step backwards.

"And what did we do?" he asked smirking, and again, stepped close to me.

I took a step back. He took a step front and I took two steps back this time. We did this till my back hit the wall.


Alice was hardworking, caring, beautiful and had perfect grades. Aaron Richardson was rich, haughty, flirty and had the looks of a Greek God. He was an all rounder.

Alice and Aaron had been best friends nearly since they were kids. Alice had a crush on Aaron but never allowed it to cross the lines of their eight-year friendship. Aaron, on the other hand saw Alice as nothing more than a friend.

Despite being the all rounder, Aaron made some wrong choices which shattered his friendship with Alice.

But obviously, fate had other plans for them and they had to cross paths.

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Jay_the_dork Jay_the_dork Jun 05, 2017
Ikr?? It feels like all the good stuff decides to happen the day you decide to bunk school
just-someone-reading just-someone-reading Nov 22, 2017
6" over hurrr. Always love being the akward tall friend in the group.
Sweet_Lovexx Sweet_Lovexx Apr 27, 2017
I would've just grabbed the opportunity as if it were the last chocolate in the world
BentOverBckwards01 BentOverBckwards01 May 23, 2017
I'm 5'1 ....and a quarter that's tall to me .Think you're short .being 5'1 with I 5'9 boyfriend
sIuttistic sIuttistic Apr 19, 2017
i love it when authors use barbara and chico like yaaaaaaaaaaas
TheForgottenBookWorm TheForgottenBookWorm Mar 07, 2017
Not only am I just 5'3, but I'm also the shortest out of all my friends