Niall Horan Imagine

Niall Horan Imagine

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Imagine - Niall

"I hate you Niall!" You scream.

"I thought you loved me! Then I see you kissing that slut?!" You added.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking straight!" Niall apologizes as tears rolls down his cheeks. He was now all red. 

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! Maybe we shouldn't be together, if you can't love me and only me!!!" You yell at him as you walk out slamming the door.

You sit on the porch outside your flat. You are in tears right now in regret of what you said. You only said that because you were mad. You knew Niall would never meant to hurt you, he was just drunk. But still you felt furious.

Inside you hear Niall bawling. Then, you hear *THUMP THUMP THUMP* 

You were curious. So you look through the window and you see Niall punching the wall with his bare hands, still bawling.

"Oh my God," You thought,"Why is he doing this...?".

After a couple more punches on the wall, you decided you've seen enough and go inside. You burst through the door. Niall was sill punching the wall ...

Sarah_loves_niall Sarah_loves_niall Feb 27, 2013
That was great do u have anymore please send them to me if u do :)