Little Swan- Seth Clearwater Twilight

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we're cool By Writtingdancer Updated 3 months ago
Was it a mistake moving in with Charlie?  Moving to Forks?  After all thats happened, I don't even know.  I would've kept living a normal life in Arizona, instead of getting mixed up in all of this....  Breaking a long lasting friendship, and a possible death sentence for who knows why. Maybe Everything would be normal if I never came.  But what is normal anymore?
Actually she is suppose to have venom cuz the half human/vampire turned his aunt remember? And imdidnt matter cuz she was already dying so she coulndt really react well when her stomach sass just cut open and she's in like ALOT of pain. But just letting u know;)
im no alien but i am a crazy freak for vamp/wolf stories.. lol