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Real Life Paranormal Experiences

Real Life Paranormal Experiences

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Wattpad Paranormal Research Society By ParanormalCommunity Updated 10 hours ago

[NOW OPEN] Personal, real-life paranormal experiences from the Paranormal Community.
  Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Califia Califia May 20
Kudos to the Paranormal Community for this thought-provoking collection! I'm charmed my experience was selected. Having an open mind, and asking ourselves why such occurrences have beguiled mankind since time before time, is all we need to appreciate this anthology.
Didi_Girl Didi_Girl Jun 18
Paranormal experiance?? I have too many xD it's a daily thing to me
MaryFahey MaryFahey May 11
Things often do happen that can't be logically explained. Great idea for a writing challenge.
When I was young, I experienced a lot of shadow people. There was this particular one that would always be at my door at 3:00 and once I'd see it, it would rush into my sister or mothers room.
If I may, my book Possessed is a book completely explaining such unnatural happenings. Every chapter is a paranormally related one. Please do take a look @ParanormalCommunity.
Where can I send my experience? Through PM or in the comments?