Real Life Paranormal Experiences

Real Life Paranormal Experiences

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Personal, real-life paranormal experiences from the Paranormal Community.

Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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cooldoiphin cooldoiphin Oct 07
So I'm living in a old house so.....when I was younger I heard little girl giggles in my room. Then screams and then silence.....then....I saw her...
one day our heavy brass  lamp suddenly flew across the room. no one was near it. then it suddenly turned on in the middle of the room!!
maecaella08 maecaella08 Oct 05
Would you believe if I'll share some of my paranormal experiences?
Frcddy Frcddy Oct 02
I have had many paranormal experiences I'm willing to share. --Admin
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Aceyshade Aceyshade Aug 14
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