Real Life Paranormal Experiences

Real Life Paranormal Experiences

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[Paranormal experiences needed!]

Personal, real-life paranormal experiences from the Paranormal Community.

Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Didi_Girl Didi_Girl Jun 18
Paranormal experiance?? I have too many xD it's a daily thing to me
If I may, my book Possessed is a book completely explaining such unnatural happenings. Every chapter is a paranormally related one. Please do take a look @ParanormalCommunity.
KoolKidz112 KoolKidz112 Jun 18
this has been going on since 3 years ago.
                              everytime i read my book after school, i see a black figure standing still with the corner of my eye. when i look closer, i dissapears. whines
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Aceyshade Aceyshade Aug 14
Please, I need your help! Tell everyone to go to my account and read my online diary, this is serious. The government are coming!
aujahunnisa aujahunnisa Jun 09
Ya. Setiap orang pasti lernah mengalami peristiwa seperti ini. Didunia ini, kita tidak hidup sendiri sebagai manusia. We live with many angels, devils, and others, who was never seem with our eyes.
                              (I'm sorry, *bow. I can't speak English well)