Languish Deception (BaekYeol Fanfic)

Languish Deception (BaekYeol Fanfic)

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eatingbaekfast_ By eatingbaekfast_ Updated Oct 31, 2015

{Teach Me (BY) Sequel/Spin-off}
Byun Baekhyun. A young and a very respected businessman in Japan. He is known to be very successful in such an age. People around the world gave a lot of compliments and good remarks at the success of the guy. For four years, their company had been massive, earning a lot of profits, big time investors and best shareholders. But what the people didn't know, is his unbearable and painful past.

Deception is the act of making someone believe something which isn't true. A big lie. It is the act of deceiving someone about something that is a lie. 

Baekhyun was in a self-deception. He keeps telling himself what he wanted to feel, convincing himself something which he wasn't even sure if it was true.


The past collided with the present.

Pain and Glory.
Failure and Success.
Thorns and Roses.
A massive collision. A change in the future.

Is it just a Languish Deception? Or is there something more?

chanieebyuniee chanieebyuniee Oct 12, 2016
Suho lay sehun Chen and xiumin and D.O he sometimes makes me feel weird but ya know
guccicarat guccicarat Apr 13, 2016
I read teach me a long time ago but I don't remember there being a sequel so now I was like damn why didn't I know
chanieebyuniee chanieebyuniee Oct 12, 2016
Chanbaek exceptionally chanyeol others are suho lay sehun and xiumin but I do love the others too but these more 
                              Anyways they are one
KhloieCasupang KhloieCasupang Nov 26, 2016
My first bias was Sehun then it became Chanyeol and then I fell inlive with Baekhyun.
Found_The_Jams Found_The_Jams Dec 02, 2016
Me bias is xiumin
                              Bias wrecker is chanyeol&baekhyun :3
                              Idk wat u mean ultimate bias in exo or..?
                              Welp ill give u both :3
                              Ultimate bias is Bts Suga/yoongi
                              And exo ub is xiumin :33
NatsB101 NatsB101 Aug 14, 2016
I literally choked on my juice 😖 even though I knew it was him 😂