The Neighbor

The Neighbor

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🦄 By X-PrincesaPerdida-X Updated Dec 11, 2017

*Modern day Bad Era*

JJ Is the nicest female you could ever meet. She's a normal, smart, beautiful 11th grader, who unfortunately, is the victim of constant bullying and mild sexual harassment. Bernice is her beautiful, smart, bitchy best friend who you can't help but to love.  She is also a victim of mild sexual harassment. These two teen find them selves growing up fast and one finds themselves growing up alone...

The new kid next door is everything EXCEPT normal...
He uses umbrellas all the time, even though it's not raining,
He runs freakishly fast, He's bi-polar, and he is at his happiest when he is in the dark.
There is a lot more wrong with him, and the kids at school and the neighborhood bullies know that he's "Special" but they're gonna have to learn the hard way not to bother him...

...or JJ

Authors note:
These stories are out of fun and for everyone of every sexuality, race, and all that other good stuff. Please do not leave hate comments OR start huge arguments in my comment section. I will NOT tolerate the bashing of others OR MY STORY do to belief. You will be muted. I also will not share my beliefs, because this is just...writing. No need for feelings and politic, etc. If you don't like it, don't vote for it. Just wait and see if the next update will be more of your 'taste'. 


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laundraaaa laundraaaa Feb 24, 2017
Reading this all over! Cus I loved it when I first started in September!
mjxlien mjxlien Aug 29, 2016
this name remind me of legends panel when Michael was talking about Justin Bieber and he called him that
cloclo_14 cloclo_14 May 29, 2016
It's like parents don't care much of the guys date but if the girls date they go crazy and stalk them and track them it's like seriously?
MJsSmile MJsSmile Jun 12, 2016
Im about to start this one and the only thing i read about the book is the description and i already know im going to LOVE this book just like the rest of your books 😄😄😍
Writing_Is__Lyfe Writing_Is__Lyfe Nov 08, 2016
Lmao it reminds me of the legends panel when they call Justin Timberlake Jubalee Timberpussy 😭😂
vegas_lasvegas vegas_lasvegas Nov 04, 2015
pfsst... hes not a vampire! he just play alot of world of warcraft