Fall Out Bible

Fall Out Bible

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This is all you'll ever need about FOB in a bible. All praise FOB.                                                                                                                creds to Tumblr

(Holy Smokes we actually got to #1 in fanfiction)

(((I don't care about other bibles and people who ""copied"" me. This isn't trademarked))))

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Yeah, weird right? Why would they think that? 
                              Look at how small he is. 
                              I'm sorry.
Patrick is the queen and Joe is the princess and andy is the silent guard
What about Geesus
                              well Geesus is the god of gods
                              but then there's other like the god of cheez whiz and milk
                              Pete, will you be the savior of the eyeliner, the skinny jeans and the fringes?
                              Yes that's an MCR joke. Get used to my many other band references